Below is a summary about resumes and why it is important to have an exceptional resume on hand at anytime.


Why do you need a resume?

When applying for jobs it is important for a recruiter to have an idea of who you are as a person and your work history in a professional and personalised manner. Therefore a well written resume explains your best characteristics, such as your work ethics, your skills, your past work employment, your achievements and any other personal assets which would be beneficial to a prospective employer. Additionally a well written resume gives you the ability to present yourself in the most positive and professional light and allows you the opportunity to sell yourself based on merit. A resume therefore is almost like a written sales document justifying to employer why they should give you the opportunity to present for a job interview.

What employers look for in a resume?

Employers are delighted to see a professional, positive and thoughtful resume that is easy to read and understand making their screening process easier.
Employers value resumes which are well formatted, utilise simple yet effective language and make sense with plain English, Employers appreciate a resume which is tailored to specific positions to assess whether you are the perfect match for a position through your qualifications, skills and history of employment and other activities. Employers also value a resume which is succinct, honest and aesthetically appealing.
Overall the ambition of an employer is to find the right employee at the right time for the right position, therefore a resume which matches these requirements will achieve a greater chance at an interview.

What are the benefits of a professionally written resume?

An effective resume will:

  • Help you to stand out from the other applicants, increasing your chances of achieving your dream job
  • Will be read from start to finish if kept to an appropriate length and formatting is easy on the eye
  • Will give you a competitive advantage in the job market
  • Will ensure that employers can see your potential and recognise your talent or ability to be trained in new and existing areas
  • Will outlines your key characteristics and skills which will be valued and relevant to specific employers

Why choose Exceptional Tuition and Resumes?

  • We tailor make our resumes and other employment documents to present you to be the perfect candidate for your desired position
  • By having connections with many professional partners, we can ensure the language used matches the industry you wish to work in
  • We provide a professional resume that stands out and looks visually appealing to catch the recruiters eye quickly Our jobseekers are our priority and we are happy when you are happy
  • We are able to meet deadlines to ensure you are able to apply for jobs on time

10 quick resume tips

1. Most recruiters are attracted to resumes that standout, some examples may include bright coloured headers, or perfume scented paper.
2. Ensure that you write down not only your qualifications but also where you have demonstrated your passion for this career choice through work experience or volunteer work.
3. Presenting yourself in a positive light is best when writing a resume, recruiters don't want to see any negative or self-doubt presented in your resume.
4. Don't be afraid to be different, if you feel as though including a hobby project that is relevant to the position, include it.
5. Honesty is very important for resume writing as you want to sound credible and give the employer the impression that you would be a reliable asset to their work environment.
6. Its important to provide at least two references, you don't want to leave your potential employer wondering who to contact on your resume.
7. Ensure you are applying for jobs that match your career and personality, as this gives you an opportunity to make use of your skills and experiences in a way that benefits yourself as well as the employer.
8. Its important to address all criteria outlined in a job advertisement as employers use this as a screening process to find the most suitable person for the position.
9.  Do not include humour in your resume, it is a professional document and jokes are not appropriate and you may end up offending the recruiter.
10. Including your extracurricular activities such as scuba diving or reading are important to put on your resume as it allows for the recruiter to get an idea of how you spend your time outside of the work environment.

What is LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations
  • It is the largest professional networking site with millions of members
  • You are able to create a professional profile, which is your online resume
  • This site enables you to build networks with a range of professionals
  • Provides to opportunity to learn about your industry and able to learn about various career options

 How can you use LinkedIn to Find a Job?

  • By connecting with many professionals, this site gives you opportunity to contact them about prospective jobs
  • You are able to join groups in regards to specific companies giving you the opportunity to be one of the first to know about vacant jobs
  • There is also a job tab on LinkedIn where you can write a specific job you are looking for
  • It is also helpful to find out who to address cover letters to by typing in the company and finding their recruiter or the Human Resources Manager and provide a means of contacting them before submitting your job application

What can you include in a LinkedIn profile?

  • Provide a background or summary of your work history and what job or industry you are looking to work in
  • Past education and even the subjects or classes you completed during your studies
  • Places your past work history in chronological order, an online resume
  • Shows a company profile so if recruiters want to witness the company and your past engagement with it
  • Able to displayed your interests, which provides an insight on how you enjoy your free time
  • You can write what you believe your key skills are and others can endorse you for them
  • Can also include up to 50 groups that you can be apart of whether this is company group or industry advice groups

How can jobseekers benefit from having a LinkedIn profile?

  • Jobseekers have the opportunity to connect with professionals worldwide ultimately broadening their options for acquiring their dream job
  • By joining various groups this allows jobseekers to connect and contact people to gain advice about their desired job or industry
  • As LinkedIn is an online resume, this provides employers the option to find you making your job seeking adventure less stressful
  • Broaden their awareness of companies which are recruiting
  • Make contacts with potential recruiters
  • Ability to find online advertised job through the job tab on LinkedIn
  • Gives opportunity to connect with people who are of influence in a certain company
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