Exceptional Tuition and Resumes 


At Exceptional Tuition and Resumes we specialise in writing professional job applications for nurses, healthcare workers and NDIS participants. We operate online everywhere around Australia and so whether you are located in a capital city or working on a FIFO basis we can assist you. 

Our team can draft resumes and cover letters for any advertised or non-advertised nursing or healthcare job. We draft employment applications for all levels of employment from graduate nursing programs to senior level nursing positions both in private or public organisations. We also write entry level resumes and cover letters for NDIS participants

We offer the following resume writing services:

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes
  • New Resumes  (If you don't have a resume or have a very old resume / irrelevant resume we can create a brand new resume for you)
  • Updating Resumes (If you have a fairly recently resume and would like to improve it to be more suitable for your future career)

Cover Letters 
  • Tailored Cover Letters (written for a specific advertised role)
  • Generic Letters (written so that you can apply for multiple roles with the same job title)

Specifically we can assist in writing resumes and cover letters for healthcare professionals such as: 

Exceptional Tuition and Resumes
  • support workers
  • support coordinators
  • personal care workers
  • disabilities sector workers and managers
  • social workers
  • paramedics
  • assistants in nursing
  • nursing graduates
  • enrolled nurses
  • registered nurses
  • clinical nurses
  • nursing facilitators / lecturers
  • nursing unit managers
  • nursing practitioners
  • midwives
  • paramedics

Overall it is our ambition to help graduate and experienced nurses to achieve interviews through working with our clients individually, understanding their personal needs, understanding their selected roles and industries and producing exceptional employment applications.

NDIS Participants Exceptional Tuition and Resumes

For all enquiries or a quote please contact our team via email at or phone 0407 032 026